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Life-size resin animals

Déco et Artisanat, French specialist in the sale of sculpture, silhouette and resin animals for interior and exterior decoration !

Déco et Artisanat

Resin animals for interior and exterior decoration

Since ancient times, statuettes have always played an important role in the life of men, used in the past as objects representing the peace of the afterlife in ancient Egypt, for example, or as real religious objects. and devotional in other ancient civilizations.

So, if today to embellish the interior or exterior, the purchase of a decorative statuette is in fashion at the moment, these accessories are not new! At this time, they can be used as accessories for interior decoration or in the garden. Therefore, their presence in a home is an age-old practice and a trend that is not about to collapse !

Interior and exterior decoration

Our superb resin sculptures for your decoration

Are you ready to transform your garden or your interior? We offer modern and elegant statues and sculptures with an emphasis on quality and durability.

Divided into different categories, to help you find the decoration you need in just a few clicks, discover in our "Animal fair" section, resin animals from the garden (snails and frogs), pets (dogs, cats, rabbits and birds), but also aquatic resin animals (hippopotamuses, fish, sharks and turtles) or those of the ice floe (penguins and bears).

Finally, if you want a surprising, quirky and trendy decoration, check out resin insects (ants) or velvet animals. These will bring a flashy, decorative and trendy note to your interior!

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Guaranteed resin animals

Design Range Warranty

2 years warranty for our statues from the Design range

Unique on the market, Déco et Artisanat guarantees your resin objects from the Design range for two years. Very high-end, and nevertheless very popular, our products are resistant to bad weather (and even frost). Don't worry, we assure you of the exceptional quality of our resin objects from the Design range.

Déco et Artisanat

Handcrafted resin sculptures

To decorate the rooms of your house, shop or garden, our statues are 100% handcrafted.

Real works of art, our resin animals have a perfect manufacture and finish for an extended lifespan. In fact, each resin animal has a thickness greater than the average for products found on the market (our “high performance” paints and varnishes come from the automotive industry).




Resin animals

Frequently Asked Questions

Resin animals are original and durable decorations for your garden or interior.

Resin animals are weather and UV resistant.

Resin animals are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Resin animals are decorative sculptures that represent realistic or fantastic animals.

You can find resin animals in different sizes, shapes, colors and styles on our website.

There is a wide variety of resin animals, in different sizes, shapes and colors.

You can choose your resin animal according to your taste, your available space and the style you want to create.

You can also check customer reviews on our site to help you make your choice.

Resin animals are easy to clean with a soft cloth and soapy water.

You can order your resin animal directly on our site, by adding the product to the basket and following the secure payment instructions.

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

You will receive an order confirmation by email and a tracking number to follow the delivery of your package.