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We are proud to be an official partner of the program Le Meilleur Pâtissier, broadcast on M6.

Partner of the Best Pastry Chef 2020

Partner in Season 9

Partner of the best pastry chef on M6
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Partner of the Best Pastry Chef 2021

Partner in Season 10

Partner of the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Partner in season 11

Are you passionate about baking and do you like TV shows that showcase the talents of amateurs ? So you can't miss the best pastry chef on M6, the culinary competition that brings together candidates who are passionate about cakes, pies, macaroons and other sweet delights every week. But did you know that behind these gourmet creations, there is also a partner who contributes to the decoration and atmosphere of the set? This is Déco et Artisanat, the site specializing in handmade decorative objects and crafts.

Déco et Artisanat offers a selection of original and quality items, which bring a touch of charm and authenticity to your interior. Whether you are looking for animals or resin objects, you will inevitably find what you are looking for on Déco et Artisanat. And if you want to be inspired by the decorations of the best pastry chef, you can find all the products used in the show on the Déco et Artisanat website.

Don't wait any longer and quickly discover Déco et Artisanat, the partner of the program the best pastry chef on M6 !


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