Wild animals

Add an original and Jungle (en français please) touch to your decoration with wild resin animals from Déco et Artisanat !
We present to you our various statues 100% Made in Alsace to decorate your rooms of house, your shop or your exterior.

What type of resin wild animal to choose?

We offer many resin wild animal models, so you can find the one that suits you.
Find, for example, forest animals found in Europe ( deer , wild boars), animals from African countries (monkeys, giraffes , lions, rhinos , panthers, gorillas , etc.), animals found on several continents ( tigers , elephants, iguanas , spiders, snakes , salamanders).

We have also made kangaroos, crocodiles , flamingos or even zebras for your greatest pleasure!

What size for your resin statue?

Déco et Artisanat has wild animals of all sizes, all you have to do is choose or tell us the size you want when ordering.

For those who love height, opt for a Kong XXL in a furious version or a Kong XL holding a barrel .
Conversely, you may very well prefer an XS size salamander to decorate a piece of furniture, a wall or your professional office.

Do you want to bring a different touch to your shop? Our pink flamingos will go perfectly for a perfumery-type store or selling well-being items because of their pink color.
Why not a marine hippopotamus for a fishing store? Or boars for a shop specializing in hunting items?

No matter what field you are in, you will inevitably find the resin animal you need on Déco et Artisanat !

Have a question about one of our resin wild animals? Contact us now by phone at 03 88 54 08 47, by email at contact@deco-Artisanat.com or via our contact form .