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Déco et Artisanatpresents its rangevery high-end decorative resin animals. Suitable for all uses (indoor and outdoor), they are perfect for imagining an original, flashy and trendy decoration in your home! They are also suitable for decoration in a restaurant, hotel or business in order to bring a trendy and atypical touch.

Déco et Artisanat: who is this ?

Déco et Artisanat, is the story of a company established for more than 15 years in Alsace, in Morsbronn-les-Bains and integrated into the Wictory group. She specializes insale of indoor and outdoor resin subjects.

Of exceptional quality, these decorative objects are sold indirect from the manufacturer!

The strength of our company lies in ourexcellent productsas well as ourdedicated and unparalleled customer service. We invite you to discover our collection of resin decorative objects on our online store.

At the house ofDéco et Artisanat, ourleitmotif is your satisfaction. That's why our resin animals and subjects are both of great quality and at an unbeatable price! True works of art, the resin animals have a perfect manufacture and finish for an extended lifespan.

Resin animals and objectsDéco et Artisanat

Professionals in the development of your indoor and outdoor home, we provide you with resin objects to embellish your spaces.Very high end, our products are guaranteed long-lasting, even in the event of bad weather and are even resistant to frost.

Handcrafted production

In order to ensure that youhigh-end products, we check that their manufacture respects aspecifications and very high and rigorous criteria. Thus, each animal or subject in resin has a thickness greater than the average of the products found on the market. The paint and varnish covering them are" high performance "because they come from the automotive industry. This prevents the loss of colors, yellowing or cracking of the varnish and thus provide them with maximum anti-UV protection for outdoor use.

You can alsocustomize each resin animalfrom our online store. You can indeedchoose your color, pattern and size (within the limits of models and available stocks)so that it fits perfectly where you want to put it.

Indeed, Déco & Artisanat is the specialist in the sale of animals and top-of-the-range design decorations entirely made to measure with the widest choice of personalization available on the web.

What resin objects can be found on the siteDéco et Artisanat?

We have divided our objects into different categories to help you find the decoration you need in just a few clicks.

The first section is called Animal Fair, it includes 4 types of resin animals:

  • Theanimals ofgarden: snails and frogs.
  • Theanimals ofcompany: dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.
  • Theanimalsaquatic: hippos, fish, sharks and turtles.
  • Theanimals of thepack ice: penguins and bears.

In the second section, you will find the resin animals of the farm and the savannah.

  • Animals of theclosed: lambs, ducks, goats, bulls, sheep, rabbits, donkeys, horses, pigs, hens, roosters, cows and camels.
  • Animalswild: leopards, crocodiles, giraffes, gorillas, tigers, rhinos, spiders, iguanas, wolves, panthers, elephants, flamingos, monkeys, lions, pandas, kangaroos, snakes, dinosaurs, wild boars and deer.

You therefore have awide choice of resin animals, to decorate your interior rooms or your exterior spaces! Also feel free to download our freeonline catalogsIndoor and Outdoor Design as well as Collection 2019.

Resin objects guaranteed for 2 years

In a spirit of excellence at all times,Déco et Artisanatguaranteed for 2 years for your resin objects. It's about aexclusivitysinceDéco et Artisanatlooks likethe only store to offer the 2-year warranty on the French market. Through this guarantee, we assure you once again of the exceptional quality of our resin objects from the Design range.

“The 2-year warranty is valid on all products in the Design range and subject to normal conditions of use. The warranty does not come into play if you knock or drop the resin objects and sit on them. Items must also bear our brand logo in order to be eligible for warranty. »


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