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The realistic ice statues resin has become impressive decorative elements in the world of pastry, glaciers and special events. Although they are not edible, they remain captivating and add a touch of freshness and beauty to their environment. Through these few lines, we will explore the enchanting universe of realistic resin ice statues and their roles in gourmet decoration, both inside and outside, on sidewalks or terraces.

Realistic ice statues are designed to be attractive decorative elements. They embellish the showcases of pastries, glacier counters, tea lounges and special events such as weddings or parties. Their authentic appearance, reproducing the forms and details of traditional or Italian ice, immediately attracts the attention of passers-by and customers.

These realistic ice creams offer a variety of shapes and fragrances to evoke the many gourmet pleasures. Traditional ice pickles, with Italian ice cream, each decorative model is carefully created to capture the visual essence of the most appreciated ice. They are available in a range of attractive fragrances, such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and many others.

These realistic ice statues can be placed inside the establishments to create a gourmet and immersive atmosphere. They amaze customers and invite them to dive into an icy world. In addition, they can be arranged on the outside, on the sidewalks or terraces, to attract passers-by, wake up their greed and stimulate their curiosity. Their presence adds a unique visual dimension, inviting people to stop, take photos or selfies to share them with the most numerous on social networks.

Contemplating a realistic ice statue is an immersive visual experience. The spectators are immediately transported into the world of glazed pleasures thanks to the realistic details and the refreshing aspect of these available subjects from 105 to 250 cm high.

Whether indoors or outdoors, these candy ice creams add a greedy atmosphere, awakening the senses of small and large "children".

To share, to taste while enjoying their refreshing appearance.

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